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"Don't allow your past to break you; use it as a fuels to Empower you"

 - S. Rima Diaz -



Rima Diaz

Certified Mindset & Healing Coach + Social Media Strategist

Hey There! I'm Rima and I'm so excited that you are here.


I am the founder of She Is Destined, a consulting firm that helps Female Entrepreneurs push their pain to purpose while healing and monetizing with Entrepreneurship through Social Media.​

I am a speaker, coach, and author of "The Chic Print: A Female Entrepreneurs Blueprint to Manifesting, Developing, Creating, and Launching a New Business." and "The Compass: An Entrepreneurs Guide To Conquering Their Goals."

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Boss Queen Envision was a very intimate workshop that not only gave me gems for my business but new affirmations for my life as well. I felt such a positive and loving vibe from not just the speakers but the other attendees.

-Mi'Shail N.-

Mi'Shail Glow


Thank you Rima for creating this werkbook everyone learns different. It was creatively designed and kept me involved. Gave me chills sometimes how real it got for me werkin this book. I definitely couldn't stop thinking about what you gone break down next. THE CHICPRINT met me where I was.taught me how to really see MY big picture. Really brake things down and start where I am. Werkin The Chicprint has been more of an adventure then work. Creatively written. Werkin through everything that was holding me back to everything that will assist in my success. I had no idea some things where even issues until I werked out in those pages. I learned how to dig deep without feeling guilty. I really needed this. Also I'd recommend it anyone who thinks they want to be an entrepreneur or already is but stuck and looking for guidance.   

-Mack B.-

Mack B. Creations

Very knowing about real time faith to go thru the fire and not look burnt. Rima always create a very enjoyable experience and takes you out of your comfort zone in order to challenge your greatest potential.

-Chef She-

McAdoo's Incredible Delights Catering

Phoenix, Arizona

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