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I know I'm not the only one that hits the snooze button before I have to get up in the morning. Truly, I used to try to put off the inevitable of getting out of bed to start my day.

You know the feeling of wanting to wait until the absolute last minute to then have to get up and rush through everything; that was me. The downside to doing that is it caused my anxiety and stress levels reached their all time high. You see in order to unleash your Inner Boss Queen - you have to sacrifice and do things differently.

I have put together my top 13 steps that I started doing to increase my everyday self care. By me sacrificing and building my routine to get these things done; it allowed me to have more energy, positivity, calmness, and focus for a more productive day. You know --- it helped me to Unleash My Inner Boss Queen.


Give your morning routine a helping hand by doing some preparation the night before.

1. Quality Sleep

Waking refreshed and replenished will make all the difference to not just start of your day, but your entire day.

What I do is an hour before I sleep; I turn off all electronic devices - TV, computer, phone, etc.

I then set up my diffuser with lavender oil and I sometimes play relaxing Jazz music.

2. Lunch

Because I work in a high pace business; I prepare my lunch. That way I don't have to do it in the morning and it allows me to avoid eating things for lunch that is not healthy.

3. Clothes

Fortunately for me; I have a uniform, however, if I have an event the next day; I take out what I am going to wear and have it ready for my day. This reduces my stress of not knowing what to wear for my event.


4. Wake Up Earlier

I can't begin to tell you how important it is to wake up at least 30 minutes prior to starting your day.

Waking up earlier means you won't have to rush, reducing stress and introducing calmness.

5. Drink Water

Your body just went through 8 hours without water, so you need to re hydrate it. Take a nice drink of cool (not cold) water with a slice of lemon.

6. Sounds

Be aware of what sounds you introduce your mind too when you wake up. Instead of turning on the radio or the TV to see the news; try silence instead.

7. Move

Help your body wake up by moving it.

I would recommend gentle stretches, yoga, or a walk.

I start my day with the following:

- Stretch

- 10 lounges

- 10 jumping jacks

- 10 push ups

- 10 squats

8. Shower

It's always nice to have an unhurried shower.

Try a warm shower (if you don't already do so)

Afterwards, some early morning pampering never hurts anyone. Apply your favorite lotion, style your hair cute, and apply your favorite perfume. You just don't know what a difference that makes!

9. Breakfast

Skipping breakfast might be tempting, but unless you have a mid-morning breakfast meeting; grab something to eat - anything.

I start my mornings with a fruit and oatmeal or I eat a breakfast bar, boiled egg and a fruit.

10. Journal and Praise

It is very important to get your mind in a good place before encountering the world.

Before I leave my home; I always take 10 minutes to spend with God. I may read a chapter in the bible or do my daily devotional. Once I have finished with my conversation with God; I always grab my journal and do some journaling.

Journaling helps to reduce stress, increase self awareness, gratitude, and self acceptance. This is a very powerful tool for you to use.


11. Television

The TV is a massive time to suck in your morning and it is something you can definitely do without.

12. Social Media

As with TV, it's so easy to fall down the rabbit hole of social media. So don't! Your mornings are set up for you to get your day started and Social Media is NOT how you should start your day so avoid it until you have left your home.

13. Work Emails

As entrepreneurs, we tend to always want to make sure we respond to every email in a timely fashion. All of which is a good thing; but guess what; waiting two hours after you wake up to check your work emails would actually be the best thing for you.

Keep boundaries when answering work emails. Do so during your scheduled work hours only. It makes life a whole lot easier and freeing.

After all, if we don't take care of ourselves; then who would run our business when we are down and out?

If your Self Care can use a boost; please stay tuned for our FREE 21 Day Self Care Challenge!!!!

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