God's Not Done Writing Your Story

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

I've never really bin a person to share my wins or successes.

Can I inspire ya'll?

This past Saturday made it a week that my kids and I arrived in Phoenix. On my way to Phoenix, I had wrestled with so may false thoughts appearing real, what if I fail? What it I don't succeed? I had a real encounter with God during my drive (not many knew about it) it was so real that the false realities, because just that FALSE! Part of my encounter, God not only shared another chapter to my story, he made a promise that he will NOT let me fail! This past week, I made $3,000 in my business LaJoy Consulting on top of that I made $1,204 in She Is Destined from my ChicPrint Course that I have failed to promote since getting to Phoenix.

In the midst of my week I had a minor meltdown where my Business Partner was like "we'll get it taken care of" and if that wasn't a burst of tears, a friend that I made 8 years ago while working at US Bank in Cincinnati reached out and told me her moving date was moved up and she and her family will be here in couple weeks instead of a month.

I'm saying all this to say, when God promised his children Success, Peace, & Happiness; there is NO ROCK OR MOUNTAIN he wouldn't turn over or move for you!!!

At the end of my week, I reminisced on a song by Tauren Wells that I swear kept me pushing and protected on my drive to Phoenix, "He's got a plan, This is part of it, He's gonna finish what He started, He's not done, God's not done writing your story"

So continue to push through in your Purpose, your Business, your Life - because GOD'S NOT DONE WRITING YOUR STORY!!!!!

I hope this blessed someone 💛

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